y-cruncher is a command line utility to calculate the number “PI(Pi), the first scalable and multithreaded PI test (Pi-benchmark) for multi-core systems.

In addition to calculating the number of “PI” using y-cruncher supports the evaluation and other constants (mathematical constant) to a trillion digits, for most of the constants there are two algorithm for computing (one for calculations, another for validation). The utility is focused on the full application of the capabilities of multi-core processors without significantly increasing memory usage. For large computations that require more memory than available can be used partition/swap file (swap). Utility was used to set several world records of computing the largest number of digits of “PI“.

y-cruncher since the establishment in 2009 year of specialized mathematical utilities into a regular application for analysis and stress-testing hardware-oriented facets of the equipment and optimize operating systems. Utility able to detect and correct minor calculation errors which can be caused by a slight instability of the equipment or software bugs. The results of calculations and data stress testing are stored in a text file (*.txt), partially visible in the terminal emulator window.

License: Proprietary (source code is open)

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Author: posixru

Source: zenway.ru

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