Xreader is a simple C++ / GTK GUI application for viewing electronic documents in various formats. Modification Atrildeveloped part of the project X-Apps.

X Apps — started in February 2016 , the project from the developers of Linux Mint to create independent work environment GTK3 applications with traditional user interface (title bars, menus, etc). It is assumed that provided the project application will maintain functionality of the original version and maintain backward compatibility.

Atril is a modification of GNOME (GNOME Shell now) application Evince (fork of Gpdf), with the classic user interface and is part of the desktop environment MATE (Mate Desktop Environment), although no problem can be used in other desktop environments (e.g. Xfce).

Xreader has a classic user interface and minimum settings, displays page thumbnails and table of contents (if available), zoom and rotate page, one-page and two-page viewing. When you close the saved position of the last viewed page of a document, it is possible to add pages to “bookmarks“.

Xreader remembers the last viewed documents displayed as thumbnails with the list in the menu. Support viewing encrypted documents (PDF) and the caching of pages, extraction of text documents and images (PNG, JPG, TIFF, ISO, and BMP). There is a search function text search document, displaying the number of found search results and highlighting them on the page.

Format support PDF (Portable Document Format) provided by Poppler (a library for rendering PDF files), formats: Postscript, TIFF, DVI, DjVu, CBR, CBR, CB7, XPS and others provided by external applications and libraries (DjVuLibre, libgxps, libspectre, unzip, unrar, p7zip etc.).

Xreader integrates with file managers, Caja and Nemo (with plugins), can run in windowed and fullscreen mode, displays detailed information about the document, the control is via mouse and/or keyboard shortcuts.

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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