xlunch — graphical app launcher, customizable Xlib / Imlib2 visual launcher.

Launcher / Launcher (English: Launch) — a specialized application designed to quickly launch other applications, processes, files, or directories.

xlunch created specifically for the needs of the project, Slax Linux (modified Debian GNU/Linux with the window Manager to Fluxbox) and is used as a dialogue application launcher (Alt+F2 / Run Application dialog) or execute the typed commands.

xlunch has two modes of operation, “one-time startup mode” is used “by default“, for it is not necessary to specify when running a parameter. In this mode, the launcher opens in full-screen mode field icon to select the application and the command line, which also serves as a filter for icons. When you run any of the applications or commands the launcher closes automatically. To cancel the run and close the launcher you can press “Esc“, or click the right mouse button (empty space).

Run in “desktop Mode” opens xlunch under all the Windows and used the window Manager does not affect his work. This mode emulates the “desktop icons“, when you open the application launcher is not closed (if it is not forced to terminate). The mode is intended for use in environments or window managers without desktop (Fluxbox, Openbox, i3, etc).

xlunch has many parameters to set parameters from the command line or in a configuration file (/etc/xlunch/default.conf or ~/.config/xlunch/), you can run “combined” and use multiple configuration files. In the appearance options you can set the background color of the window border, to include the required transparency (requires compositori) or set the background image to disable icons, set the icon size and the distance between icons, the length of the text labels (names), the font used and much more…

xlunch when installed creates a file with records installed in the system applications:


Standard directories are scanned for the presence of “Desktop Entry Specification” files (*.desktop):


Created *.dsv file is static and if you install new apps are not automatically updated, to update the list of the app includes additional tools (scripts). A custom file with a list of applications has priority over the system:


xlunch fully supports Unicode (Unicode/UTF8), start the launcher you can in any convenient way (from the menu, click on toolbars, keyboard combination, etc.).

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

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