xdémineur — small C (si) / X Window System (libx11) puzzle game, the most complete implementation of the classic game Minesweeper written in 1993 year.

Minesweeper (Minesweeper) — puzzle game, in the classic version with a two-dimensional playing field is divided into cells, some of which contain hidden mines. The player must open the cages, trying not “to go” on a mine, the game ends if the player opens the cage with mine. The main objective of the game is to uncover all “empty” cells in the least possible time.

The result of the puzzle solving Minesweeper is highly dependent on the location of mines, when the field is created (random number generator) might have a situation when the player will just have to guess where a mine is. The complexity of the game is determined by the number of actions in a certain style of play (ideally)and not the difficulty of the playing field to solve a specific player.

xdémineur consumes minimum system resources and has no configuration settings, but can from the command line to specify the parameters of the playing field and number of mines to control using only the mouse.

License: Proprietary (AS-is / Source code is open)

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Author: posixru

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