wterm — simple With (si) / X11 (libx11 / glibc) graphical terminal emulator VT102, created on the basis of the terminal emulator RXVT (terminal emulator for X11).

VT102 — text computer terminal manufacturing company DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation), it is reduced and do not increase the modification of the terminal VT100, the command set which has become the standard (de facto / de facto) for terminal emulators.

RXVT (our extended virtual terminal) — a terminal emulator VT100 for the X Window System (X11), written by Rob Nationa (Rob Nat) and extended mark Alesana (Mark Olesen) who accompanied him for several years. rxvt is an extended version of the x terminal emulator xvt (author John Bovey), is positioned as a replacement for xterm (the environment-standard X Window System terminal emulator).

The project wterm started as the Union of a set of patch for rxvt and has the full functionality of this terminal emulator supports transparency and the opposite transparency, set background images, change colors, font and other things…

wterm is designed for use in window Manager Window Maker, the settings are made by editing the file ~/.Xdefaults file(settings X11 apps).

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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