wpgtk (wpg)

wpgtk (wpg) Manager of color schemes with the template system uses Pywal as the generator color scheme (color scheme generator).

Pywal — a tool for generating color palette of dominant colors in an image and applies a color “on the fly” for the whole system or individual applications. There are five supported Bekenov (backend) to generate colors, each of which provides a palette of colors for each image. Supported predefined themes and there are more than two hundred and fifty built-in themes, you can create your own theme.

Pywal does not change any of the existing configuration files, instead, he works around them and provides tools for integration into a system at the user’s discretion. For example, terminal emulators have their own digital circuits is updated in real time (without delay), but with minimal configuration, this functionality can be extended (almost everything works in the system).

wpgtk can work in console and GUI mode, functionality in the GUI distributed across the tabs. After selecting the image it is set as the desktop Wallpaper and color scheme is generated, immediately applying it to the supported applications.

Automatically generated wpgtk color schemes can be edited and saved, complete with the corresponding image, there are light and dark themes. Supported export color schemes in various formats that can be imported into any application.

wpgtk automatically changes the color scheme of the many terminal emulators, most window managers, panels, themes, GTK, icons etc. Some applications must be restarted to apply a color scheme, what is the app reboot automatically.

wpgtk includes all preset themes available pywal, the settings are stored in configuration file (~/.config/wpg/wpg.conf). To manage desktop background optional you can use feh or nitrogen, for the use of applications (wpg / wpgtk and pywal / wal) provides detailed documentation of the sorted sections.

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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