WizNote — network Notepad with a rich set of capabilities for recording and collecting information, the official C++ / QT graphical client for the same service synchronize notes.

Client WizNote has a simple, and partially customizable user interface and minimum settings. The client allows you to efficiently create and keep notes, keep a personal journal, create a list of contacts that will help you to organize joint work on the project and effective communication.

WizNote can not only organize and store the necessary data, but sinhroniziruete them between any number of devices. Synchronization starts immediately after logging in the client, there is the possibility of registration on the server, free service includes 10Gb of storage.

Client WizNote is a fully-featured Markdown editorcreated notes can contain simple formatted text, images, attached documents, task lists and audio files. There are several ready-made templates notes, supported the collection of notes from websites, chat and email (via internal email address).

WizNote has an effective system for organizing materials in folders and tags, create and store any number of notes. In co-editing notes (within the group from your contacts list) , you can differentiate access rights, implemented a flexible system of notifications and reminders for group members, the notification to specific members of the group.

WizNote allows you to create groups for individual notes, a system of roles from the author or observer, to a full administrator, which helps seriously to share access rights. When sharing work especially convenient group with advanced capabilities for team collaboration, not just sending documents and notes.

WizNote is an excellent choice for users who need to store large volumes of documents in electronic form. The client integrates in the notification area (system tray), supported the search for notes, automatic note synchronization can be stopped, it is possible to export your notes as PDF or HTML document to control using mouse and/or keyboard shortcuts.

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

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