Widelands is a clone of Settlers under Linux

In the late 90’s was such a great game Settlers and Settlers II. This is a real time strategy game with a unique gameplay, style of management and development of your civilization. If you liked Settlers that Widelands will allow to get nostalgic if you have not played Settlers then all the more reason to try Widelands.

Widelands Gameplay

In the game you have to control the development of civilization on a private island. You start with only one building and several hundred people of different professions: ordinary people, cooks, woodcutters, foresters, fishermen, masons, military, etc. Territory for development as resources are limited, so you need to think through every building and direction.

Widelands Gameplay

Management style does not allow you to control each individual unit as is customary in the classical representatives of the genre real-time strategy. Instead, you have marked a field surrounded by a border which, depending on the plot you can build certain structures, it is important that all constructions were connected with the warehouse dear. The road is divided into sections by flags, between which stand ordinary citizens in order to drag resources from one structure to another.


The property you can expand by building on the border of military buildings and filling them with military units. With the expansion of the boundaries you will encounter belligerent neighbours, a war which is as follows — you choose a military structure neighbors and indicate how many and what level the soldiers have to attack him. After that, from your nearest military buildings and sent out units to destroy the enemy. The more your units and the higher their rank the more chances of winning.


Resources in the game that are widely and serve different purposes. Stones and wood were needed for the buildings, stones also can charge projectile weapons. Food that is produced fishermen, hunters and bakers need to bake to feed the miners. The miners in turn to extract iron, gold and coal needed to arm and train the army.

Widelands Ships

At first glance, everything is quite simple, but nevertheless immersed in the game you can spend several days fighting for territory with virtual opponents. Additionally, you can play on a local network or via the Internet. The game is available for Linux, Windows and MacOS, is open and distributed free of charge. You can download it on the official website: http://wl.widelands.org/ There you will find additional maps for multiplayer or single player game.

In Ubuntu you can install the game by typing in the search Center widelands Applications, or by running the command in the terminal:

sudo apt-get install widelands

However, as reported on the official website, Ubuntu to version 10.04 is better to use the PPA repository ppa:timo-wingender/ppa (how to connect ppa). This repository provides the latest “correct” version of Widelands. In the version from the official Ubuntu repository in addition there are problems with the Russian language.


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