White Night – “white nights” in old Boston

The game “White Night” refers to a kind of genre – a Noir horror, and, according to the developers, is at the crossroads between video games, cinema and literature.

The Creator of the game is osome Studio consisting of former employees of Eden Games, who created the part 5 Alone in the Dark. From March 3 to enjoy the “White nights” can users of operating systems Windows, Mac OS and Linux as well as gaming consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

White Night is a survival horror, designed in two-tone Noir style. In the game you need to explore the location from a third party, to solve puzzles based on the use of light.

The action of “White nights” takes place in Boston 30-ies of the last century. The whole story takes place in an abandoned gloomy mansion. The protagonist comes here after a car accident, but instead to help actually becomes a hostage of this house.

The first White Night view of the wide public was held at the Paris event Game Connection Europe 2013. In this exhibition, the game received multiple awards and many rave reviews.

Ronan Quaff, the creative Director is osome, called White Night “dream game the entire team”. In the Studio I wanted to create a game that will immediately appeal to many gamers, and it will be noticeably stand out from the competition. According to Ronan Kauff, the new project has all the features of classic horror: adult story, live, compelling characters, a really impressive environment and the right balance of intense and horrific moments of the player.

Inspiration for developers was old jazz music and black-and-white films of that time. Furthermore, Normandy was withdrawn by the present mansion, where the team spent a week in the discussion of the details of the “White nights”. In these short 7 days, it made a lot of photos with the aim of increasing immersion in the atmosphere of White Night.

In the process of creating the game developers a lot of consulted with Frederick Ranales, a French programmer and designer, the Creator of Alone in the Dark.

It should be noted that the work on “White night” took place remotely, rather than in the office – the creators wanted to make all the conventions in his work, in order to better concentrate on the process of creating the game.

Install White Night in Ubuntu

The game is available for purchase and install via Steam (how to install Steam).


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