What’s new in the Linux kernel 5.2

The long-awaited release of Linux Kernel 5.2 is now available for download and it is very cool!

“Each update of the Linux kernel brings a lot of improvements, and Linux 5.2 is no exception”

Released in a fairly short time, the release of the Linux kernel 5.2 was announced to the world enough is not noticeable and could get you a party.

The founder of Linux, Linus Torvalds,announced the update without too much pathos, adding the news to the mailing list of updates to the Linux kernel.

He writes: “…despite the rather late return of the kernel, I see no real reason for next week’s rc, and so we have a v5.2 with a normal release time”.

Each update of the Linux kernel, whether large or small, brings many useful improvements, drivers, hardware support, compatibility charts and more. Core Linux 5.2, called “Bobtail Squid” (blame the scuba diving Linus), is no exception.

And, given that the fixed around 596 000 new lines of code, there is something to pay attention…

Linux 5.2 Kernel Release

As usual, I will highlight the exciting enhancements and benefits to “end user”. And great lighting details and technical details can be found on sites like LWN.net

First, Logitech has helped to improve drivers for their wireless receivers, such as Bluetooth Logitech key, used with keyboard MX5500, remote control and multi-purpose Logitech S510 Logitech Unifying software.receiver

In addition, if you have any peripherals Logitech 2.4 GHz (mouse, keyboard, etc.), you’ll be pleased to know that now they can transmit information about the battery status (where possible).

Another notable addition that will surely benefit users Linux is a new driver Realtek Wi-Fi ( RTW88 ). This wireless driver supports 802.11 ac chipsets RTL8822BE and RTL8822CE. Models support USB and SDIO planned for the near future.

The choice of USB Type-C adds support for DisplayPort alternate mode and firmware. The latter is handy if you want to use LVFS to update the firmware.

Basically, the kernel now supports a variety of single Board computers. Among the supported boards – Orange Pi 3 on the basis of Allwiner, Rock Pi RK3399 on the basis of Rockchip, a set of boards on the basis of NXP and Nvidia Jetson Nano for $ 99, about which we wrote earlier this year.

Also of note is the support (especially for enthusiasts SBC) the main drivers for the graphics processor ARM Mali , including Lima (on older hardware) and Panrost (for newer chips).

Finally, this kernel release is first implemented to work on the project Sound Open Firmware (SOF). Under the guidance of a SOF Intel and Google, they aim to provide a platform to create a firmware with open source code for audio DSP.

That’s not all, of course. Here is an overview of some other changes which are in Linux Kernel 5.2:

  • GeForce GTX 1650 receives support Nouveau
  • Various improvements laptop AMD Ryzen
  • Various improvements to ARM
  • Support Intel Comet Lake
  • Preparation for next-generation processors AMD EPYC.
  • ARM64 indicates the status of the suppression of the Spectrum via sysfs
  • Hibernation support re-enabled on Intel Baytrail and Cherrytrail
  • The null driver U2F
  • The IDE driver is outdated
  • Support Thunderbolt for old Apple hardware

Upgrade to Linux Kernel 5.2

The trick lies in the fact that the core Linux 5.2 is here, and it’s “better than before”. It’s like the Linux kernel that you use now, just more powerful.

But don’t hurry to upgrade your system to Linux 5.2. Wait until the first release (or your distribution).

Desktop utilities such as Ukuu, make it relatively easy to install the Linux kernel on Ubuntu versions that still receive support. But always keep in mind that the installation of the nuclei outside the usual repository is not recommended.

Linux 5.3, likely to see release until the “frozen” kernel in Ubuntu 19.10 .

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