What’s new in GNOME 3.28: “Chongqing”

GNOME 3.28 is the latest version of GNOME 3 and the result is “6-month” work of the GNOME community. It contains extensive new functions, along with small improvements and bug-fixes. In total, the release contains 25832 changes made approximately 838 participants.

3.28 GNOME was named “Chongqing” in honor of the team behind GNOME.Asia 2017. GNOME.Asia is the official annual summit in Asia, which takes place only through the efforts of local volunteers. This year the event was held in Chongqing, China, and we would like to thank everyone who was responsible for the success of the event.

Choose what is important to you

GNOME 3.28 simplifies the process of systematization is important information for you, with two new features. In the files section it is now possible to put the sprocket folders and files. As soon as they are selected, will appear a convenient opportunity to quickly review evaluated the folder from the sidebar.

Also in the favorites section was added to the contacts application. There most popular contacts will be at the top — handy if you often refer to certain people.

Improve organizational applications

Gnome 3.28 was improved applications for the organization. Improvements include:

  • In Clocks you can now add UTC time zone to the UTC time.
  • The Contacts application allows you to sort by first name or last name. He also appeared in a new window hot-keys and a number of interface improvements.
  • In Calendar has been improved months. Events are presented in a more readable form, and have the opportunity independently to increase the grid, so it will get to the event.
  • In-app Calendar was added the information about the weather, so now next to the events you can see the forecast.
  • Have To Do some improved design viewing task, which allows you to easily change the order of the latter by means of drag and drop.

More beauties

GNOME 3.28 now much more beautiful! First, a basic font in GNOME (called Cantarell) was heavily updated. Form of symbols and the space between them was changed in the direction of readability and beauty. Added a few new indicators: light and extra bold. They are used to create both beautiful and modern interfaces.

In a list of other eye candy includes a collection of Wallpapers that were added a number of extremely colorful pictures, and more pictures for the profile — list of pictures has increased significantly.

New opportunities Boxes

Boxes, the GNOME application for using remote and virtual machines, 3.28 received a number of new features and improvements. One of the major improvements is the automatic downloading of operating systems, right out of the box new assistant. To create a virtual machine, all you need to do is choose the operating system and Boxes will do the rest for you.

Also the new version makes it easier to transfer files between your computer and virtual machines. In order to transfer files, you can either throw them directly in window Boxes or choose to Send Files and select the files for transfer using file picker. In both cases, the Boxes provides feedback on the migration process, so that you will know the transfer time and when the process is complete.

Properties media & entertainment

GNOME 3.28 to operate media and entertainment became much more enjoyable. Most of the changes the section of the Photos. He has a new ability to import devices, which allows you to add photos to the collection media such as SD cards and USB. This function automatically detects devices that contain the new image, and also allows you to organize images into albums during the import. Photos additional improvements include new editing tools for shadows, highlights, and performance enhancements.

Other improvements in media and entertainment:

  • Videos now plays MJPEG files.
  • In Music you can reorganize the playlist by Drag&Drop.
  • Games, a GNOME application for retro and console games, has a new CRT filter designed to create the effect like on the old TVs. Improved operation of shaking the controller.

New on-screen keyboard

3.28 in the on-screen keyboard the GNOME was completely rewritten and can now be used with greater ease. The new keyboard is automatically activated once you pick the zone typing. The area is set comfortable slides back so you can see the print result. There are many keyboard layouts for different languages.

Meet Usage

Usage is a new GNOME application that was introduced in the technical preview of 3.28. A new app designed to help diagnose and resolve performance issues. The original version includes the ability to view the CPU and memory consumption. Problem areas are highlighted, which simplifies Troubleshooting.

Usage also allows you to see how the used hard disk. Interface notes common sources of disk space used that you can clean the recycle bin or temporary files.

Usage will develop, for example, there will be added the possibility of viewing a network, power, and data usage.

Expanded device support

The current release of GNOME has improved device support. That is especially important, 3.28 natively supports Thunderbolt 3. The top pane displays information about the activity of Thunderbolt 3, and connected.

Additional improvements of the devices:

  • All touchpads now have a default gesture recognition in the role of an additional tap (like RMB on the mouse). To use gesture keep one finger on the touchpad and then tapping with a second finger. In most cases, this leads to the activation of alternative actions. The choice between two behaviors available in the application Tweaks.
  • Now displays information about the charge level Bluetooth devices with low power consumption. The battery level is displayed in the Power settings, and alert warns of low battery level.

And that’s not all…

As usual, this release of GNOME is still a lot of small improvements. Here are some of them!

  • The application categories in the Software now has a different look and can be sorted by name and rating.
  • Also Software dialog Software Sources has been improved and renamed Software Repositories. The new version provides a more reliable and clear overview of the repositories. The window also allows you to enable, disable and delete each of the repositories.
  • Fonts, new the overview of the GNOME fonts, allows you to view additional information about each of the system fonts, namely the style, version, copyright.
  • Variable fonts new type fonts, which allows you to dynamically configure the density, and not simply have a preset like bold or extra bold. Picker fonts GNOME support this type of fonts and allows to configure its properties by the choice of font. Also means the font selection was improved list. Now you can search for fonts by name.
  • When you click on a location in Maps, showing the image, if it is in Wikipedia.
  • The terminal also received a list of improvements, including a redesigned settings window. It now combines the former window and the Preference Profile Preference. Other improvements is support for double, wavy, and colored underlining, flashing text, and the ability to change the spacing of lines and letters.
  • Belarusian, Croatian, Czech, Greek, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian dates are now displayed in correct grammatical form.
  • Was greatly improved editor dconf: updated the layout of lists and search results, were made technical improvements.
  • Settings when started, displays the last shown panel, which greatly simplifies life if you frequently query the same settings.

More information

In GNOME 3.28 has a lot to offer developers and it has been translated into many languages.

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How to get GNOME 3.28

GNOME is free SOFTWARE; all of the code open for download access and can be extended or improved. For installation we recommend to wait for the official packages provided by your developer or distribution. Popular distribution will provide open access to GNOME 3.28 soon, and some already did.


The GNOME project is a non — profit international community that focuses on comfort and first class internationalization and accessibility. GNOME is free and open project. If you want to join, here.

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