Wallutils — set console Go (libx11 / wayland) utilities to create, edit and run sets are synchronized changing your desktop Wallpaper. Supports virtually all existing desktop environments and window managers for non-supported environments, there is a “backup mode” using feh (minimalist image viewer and organizer for images) to install the Wallpaper.

The kit includes Wallutils utilities:

  • getdpi is intended to get the average DPIfor all displays (optional displays horizontally and vertically).
  • lsmon – display the list of connected monitors and permits (optional displays DPI).
  • wayinfo – shows detailed information about connected monitors using Wayland (display server).
  • xinfo – shows detailed information about the current configuration of the X Window System (the window system).

  • lscollection – displays a list of all installed collections of Wallpaper, to output the path list and the names of their collections.
  • lswallpaper – displays all installed in the system Wallpaper, short list or more information.
  • timedinfo – designed to display additional information about the installed synced Wallpaper.
  • lstimed – displays a list of installed Wallpapers time, optionally displays a list of paths.

  • setcollection – is designed for installation of suitable (from the point of view of resolution) Wallpapers from collection of Wallpapers.
  • setwallpaper – used for setting Wallpaper (works both Protocol Xand Protocol Wayland).
  • setrandom are used for setting a random Wallpaper.
  • settimed – is designed for installation synced Wallpaper.
  • xml2stw – used conversion synchronized Wallpaper GNOME (XML) format simple synchronized Wallpapers.

License: MLT (The MIT License)

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Author: posixru

Source: zenway.ru

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