wallsplash console JavaScript (nodejs) utility to download and install a desktop Wallpaper Manager with built-in color schemes. Functional utility is based on the capabilities of utilities unsplash-wallpaper, feh and wal.

unsplash-wallpaper — console client to load images from the photo sharing service, a repository of high quality desktop Wallpaper Unsplash and automatically set them as your desktop background.

feh — minimalist image viewer and organizer for images with almost no user interface and therefore it is simply embedded in various scripts. Often used to set the desktop background in lightweight environments and window managers.

wal — script generating a color palette of dominant colors in an image (the images directory) and apply colors “on the fly” for terminal emulators and/or individual applications. The functionality of the script based on the capabilities of ImageMagick (set of console tools for image processing), the author of the script is also the author of Pywal (Python color scheme generator).

wallsplash using unsplashwallpaper can download random image from Unsplash, one of the most popular on the service per day or per week, images from a specific collection and image in the search query.

Downloaded image wallsplash downloads in the temporary directory (~/.wallsplash/*.jpg), creates a reference to it (~/.current_wallpaper) and on the basis of her wal creates a color scheme.

If you want to create the color scheme has been preserved after restarting the system, it is necessary to file ~/.xinitrc add the line:

wal-i "$(< "${HOME}/.cache/wal/wal")"

The link to the image is stored in the file:


The color scheme is saved in a file:


wallsplash does not change any existing configuration files (wal works around them)that you have downloaded and saved image is automatically set as the desktop Wallpaper that is generated on the basis of his color scheme is immediately applied to all supported applications (conditional wal).

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

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Author: posixru

Source: zenway.ru

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