WallpaperDownloader — specialized Java (maven / xdg-utils) graphics application to automatically change your desktop Wallpaper after a specified period of time.

WallpaperDownloader has a simple interface and many settings, allows you to search and automatically download from the selected sources of the image to use as Wallpaper for your desktop.

WallpaperDownloader searches for and downloads the Wallpaper (default:~/.wallpaperdownloader/downloads) using key words, of any size or only for a specified resolution, the image can be viewed in thumbnails and/or full size, and open the directory with the images in the file Manager (system).

WallpaperDownloader allows you to set the interval to download new Wallpapers and change their interval (in seconds, minutes or hours), the total size of the downloadable images you can limit (default 40MB). For periodic change of wall-paper can be used not only loaded images but also images from the specified directories.

Image uploaded WallpaperDownloader you can remove and add to “favorites(move in a specified directory), deleted images are automatically added to the “Black sheet(an empty file in the directory ~/.wallpaperdownloader/blacklist/) to prevent re-downloading.

WallpaperDownloader integrates in the notification area, can work in most modern window managers and desktop environments, maintained a detailed log of events (~/.wallpaperdownloader/wallpaperdownloader.log), the management focused on the use of the mouse.

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

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Author: posixru

Source: zenway.ru

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