Wall Changer

Wall Changer is a small C (si) / GTK GUI application to automatically change the desktop Wallpaper (background desktop Wallpaper).

Wall Changer works in the background, as a daemon (wchangerd), configuration is performed by editing configuration file:


Alternatives may be used (defined automatically):


Starting background process:

wchangerd --start

Stop a background process:

wchangerd --stop

Restarting the background process:

wchangerd --restart

Show the current status of the process:

wchangerd --status

Once to change the image and exit:

wchangerd --once

Start with an alternative configuration file:

wchangerd --config=/path/to/file.json

To simplify the process settings Changer Wall provides a convenient graphical interface (wchangercfg). To change the Wallpaper you can add any number of images, add images one by one and/or directory. Unwanted images from the list are removed one by one or marked group.

For convenience, Wall Changer it has pre-installation (standard commands) for multiple desktop environments and window managers. The command “default” you can change or ask your own team, for example using feh (minimalist image viewer and organizer for images), it is possible to test the specified command.

Graphical settings Manager Wall Changer displays a list of images sorted by file name and resolution of the marked image is displayed with a thumbnail. Wallpaper change the name of the file or in a random order, to change the desktop background you can set the time interval from 1 up to 6000 minutes, or from 1 up to 6000 hours.

Wall Changer allows you to start and stop the background process (daemon) not only from the command line and from GUI. When you change settings daemon must be restarted or they will load the next Wallpaper change. As desktop backgrounds can be used all image formats supported by the system.

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

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Author: posixru

Source: zenway.ru

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