Viber under GNU/Linux suddenly “came to life”

Linux users around the world the last few years have characteristically Viber on their OS as developers abandoned the app at the same time, as most programs evolve, one of the most popular messengers that stubbornly refused to do. With each new version of any distribution, increased number of “spikes”, which should be resorted to in order to run Viber on it. Overall, a fairly bleak picture. But now everything will be different!

Well, it seems Viber, as they say, “he is risen” ( behind the scenes: “Truly he is risen!”). Anyway, what this tells us one of the most extreme materials on the wonderful Linux blog compizmania.

Based on the mentioned reports, company Rakuten Viber (Germany) resume support and life cycle of their offspring under operating systems based on Linux kernel.

I suggest to remember how to install Viber for Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu extreme versions! This material is fairly well explains the main stages of the process.

Finally, I would like to remind you that not Viber’th one. For example, the administrators group of the resource LinuxTheBest communicate with each other in free messenger Wire — the alternative to non-free, proprietary Viber. About how good it is and how to install it, read here.

According to the materials: compizmania
Image: from open sources


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