Viber for Linux is rolling out a new update encrypted messages

Desktop prilojenie Viber for Linux was updated and now it looks different and knows more about the message security.

One part Skype, on the other WhatsApp – Viber combines the traditional functions of IP telephony, encrypted messages, emoticons and stickers.

Like WhatsApp, Viber uses your mobile phone number as the “account” and not the usual login (which means if you don’t have a mobile device you will not be able to use it).

But developers, this may not disappoint; the service has more than 664 million users worldwide – an impressive statistic.

What’s new in Viber 6.0.1
Full zashifrovannoe

Viber 6.0.x implemented full encryption that allows you to safely communicate using this service.

“Our users can use Viber without worrying that someone else can read their messages – whether personal or group conversation, call, computer, mobile phone or tablet,” says the company.

“In addition, we made it so that each user receives an individual cryptographic key which is tied to his or her device.”

To communicate securely, you must use the latest version of Viber (you and read). If you see a gray lock means that your dialogue is protected. If no lock – it is likely that your interlocutor, you must upgrade the version of the application.

You can learn more about Viber privacy policy on their web site.

To share contacts

Want to share contact information with another person? Then you enjoy what Viber has implemented a “cool opportunity just to share contacts, files and multimedia between chats!”.


Now you can drag images, videos and files right in the chat window to send them your contact.

Download Viber for Linux

App Viber Linux ‘officially’ supports Ubuntu 64-bit and Fedora 64-bit. A basic system integration including icon in the menu tray and native NotifyOSD notifications.

Download Viber for Linux

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