unsplash-wallpaper — console JavaScript (libjson-glib) client to load images from Unsplash and automatically set them as your desktop background.

Unsplash (Beautiful Free Images & Pictures) service designed for sharing photos, storage of high quality Wallpapers for your desktop (free HD wallpapers). The service was created in 2013 year and was the pioneer model of the distribution of the photos without copyright. However, in 2017 , the year it was decided to discontinue the use of “zero” license. Image published on the service until July 2017 year legally available under a license Creative Commons Zero (public domain / public domain).

unsplash-wallpaper allows you to load a random image, most popular image one day and/or week. You can limit the results of individual collections and/or a user image suitable to a particular user, a particular image and the image to the search query.

unsplash-wallpaper save images in home directory in the current directory and/or in the directory specified. For uploading images you can set the width and height, when an empty query is loaded an image of any size. Setting image as desktop background is standard for used desktop tools.

License: MLT (The MIT License)

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Author: posixru

Source: zenway.ru

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