Unknown Horizons: economic strategy for Ubuntu

Game Unknown Horizons (in Russian translates to “unknown horizons”) is an economic simulation with real time strategy elements. Talking about this game, I recall about “the Monopoly” — the progenitor of the entire genre.

So, what is good is in Unknown Horizons? This economic strategy you will enjoy from the moment of installation on your computer. It’s pretty quick and undemanding on the hardware. During the game it can be awkward to move the camera. In this case, it is recommended to not use the mouse and keys. Graphics, physics and game sound at a decent level, so the little inconvenience will not spoil the General impression about the gameplay.

Gameplay features

“Unknown horizons” will you play for the Governor of a small sea town. Will need to build fishing lodges, Catholic churches and to kindle signal fires (which we will consider later). In many ways, the game resembles another strategy Anno 1404 (and possibly some other). All the decor, including homes, quarries and pastures at first looks inconspicuously. However, once you grow to the next level – and your town already nice to see.

Trade in the town is quite lively. Of course, the game was a “cunning economic intelligence” like floating interest rates, earnings on currency trading, etc. Here you can sell products of everyday demand, for example, potatoes, and other goods.

There is a place in town and bandits in their role are evil pirates. It is clear that those leading such a lifestyle, should be wary. Conversely, the “free traders” is desirable for every people. Here for their involvement and the desired signal fires.

The disadvantages of the game

There is a game and its shortcomings. About them it should also be mentioned. The fact is that during the passing game, with unpredictable speed, here and there, showing the Windows of training and quests. For a beginner it may be fine but the experienced players a bit “annoying”.

Playing “Unknown Horizons” as you can yourself, and network with friends. The second option is much more interesting – after all the game from the beginning focused on rapid economic development.

To install Unknown Horizons in Ubuntu

The game is set in General mode from repositories ubuntnu. The name of the package unknown-horizons. The command to install in the terminal:

sudo apt-get install unknown-horizons

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