UnixBench (byte-unixbench)

UnixBench (byte-unixbench) — console C++ / Perl utility for testing providing information on the underlying performance Unix (Unix-like) systems if you are performing one or more tasks.

UnixBench (ubench) is a set of original test BYTE UNIX was first released as a synthetic application to test the performance of systems in 1983 year and for many years has been updated, adjusted and revised. Unix / GNU Linux system on the results of tests given a set of points, compare with the scores of the tests the reference system (having a rating of 10.0 points), now used as a standard workstation SPARCstation 20-61 (based on microprocessor – SuperSPARC and hyperSPARC).

Comparison of the results of tests byte-unixbench with estimates from a reference system to allow “indexes“, which are much easier to handle than the “raw” performance evaluation. At the end of testing the whole set of “indices” is merged to create a common “index” for the system. It must be remembered that UnixBench is a system test, not a stress test for your hardware (CPU, RAM, disks, etc), the results obtained depend not only on equipment but also the operating system, library versions, and even compiler.

UnixBench includes very simple tests, benchmarks, system when performing one task, several tasks, parallel processing, measuring performance 2D and 3D graphics. When testing multiprocessor systems tests are carried out separately for each processor.

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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