(Un)colored visual Electron (JavaScript) / GTK editor for HTML and Markdown documents.

The basic idea of (Un)colored is the provision of user editor allows you to focus exclusively on the writing of the text, deleting all the distracting UI elements, and provided “focus Mode” (Focus mode) when printing is highlighting a line or paragraph.

When typing in the (Un)colored , the user sees only “white sheet“, in addition to text and all cursor controls and menus are hidden, shown only when necessary (the function deactivates). The settings of the editor at least, you can change the theme interface.

(Un)colored supports the creation and editing of multiple documents opened in tabs when you select text toolbar appears that includes the classic word processors set of tools to format text (change the case), as well as some web-based tools.

Editor (Un)colored allows you to include HTML and Markdown documents with any content, for example, to create titles, insert quotes, math formulas, pictures, images, audio and video clips, publications in social networks, supported the search for a document, viewing statistics, and much more…

As (Un)colored is a visual editor (WYSIWYG-editor) and all changes are displayed immediately, as they will look in the final document. Editor is oriented to users not familiar or a little familiar with web programming, making it easy to create HTML and Markdown documents.

Created and saved in the (Un)colored documents can be viewed in any web browser, the document can be easily convert between formats of HTML and Markdownand save in one of the standard styles (Attitube, GitHub, Horizon, etc).

(Un)colored can run in windowed and fullscreen mode, there is force mode “Over all Windows“, the editor settings are saved in the configuration file (~/.config/Uncolored/settings.min.json), to control using mouse and keyboard shortcuts.

License: Apache License V2

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Author: posixru

Source: zenway.ru

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