Ubuntu MATE, Xubuntu, Ubuntu and Kubuntu Budgie 19.04 available for download

New versions of distributions like Ubuntu MATE, Xubuntu, Ubuntu and Kubuntu Budgie (among others), available to download from April 18.

In this review you will learn about each major new features, notable changes and important download links.

But remember that all the official versions of Ubuntu based on regular Ubuntu. This means that they use the same base (the Linux Kernel 5.0, 19.0 Mesa, Xorg, etc.) are supplied with the latest versions of Firefox and LibreOffice and have access to the same software.

Official distributions based on Ubuntu 19.04

Ubuntu MATE 19.04

Fully functional after several updates Ubuntu MATE, hitherto a popular version of Ubuntu in its latest release became more modest.

Ubuntu Mate 19.04 even not using the latest version MATE for desktop computers. Instead, he prefers to use MATE Desktop 1.20, and its developers refer to “the causes of stability.”

However, there are some notable tweaks and improvements.

For example, the settings applet MATE Dock allow it to better simulate the Unity Launcher (useful in the layout of the desktop “Mutiny”), and also have a system support Remote Desktop Awareness (RDA).

Ubuntu MATE 19.04 available for download from the link below only 64-bit build. Need 32-bit version? Very sorry, but then you have to stick to the most recent version of LTS!

Download Ubuntu MATE 19.04 (64-bit version .iso)

Ubuntu Budgie 19.04

Ubuntu Budgie 19.04 contains the latest version of the desktop environment Budgie, v10.5.0. This increase is based on the functions identified in the previous distribution release (by the way, we loved).

Nemo file Manager from Linux Mint, replace Nautilus in this issue (Nautilus is still available in the repositories). This switch was necessary to preserve the ability of the distribution to show desktop icons (this feature was removed in Nautilus). As came back plus some new (old) file Manager features such as split screen and a tree structure.

Another important change – Ubuntu Budgie 19.04 moves the Doc “Bar” in the lower part of the screen (in previous versions it was left). Doc also has a new, pretty nice animation of a rebound to open the application.

Elsewhere the distribution switches to the font “Noto Sans” for your interface, uses the theme of “QogirBudgie” GTK and adds an amazing search tool Catfish, which is now part of a set of software by default.

Download Ubuntu Budgie 19.04 (64-bit .iso)

Lubuntu 19.04

The latest version of Lubuntu comes with the latest update desktop LXQt (v0.14.1), and updated apps and added stability.

Lubuntu also uses the system installer Calamares (not Ubiquity, as most varieties of Ubuntu). This release uses a new version that includes support for full disk encryption.

Want to try? Take 64-bit .iso the link for download below:

Download Lubuntu 19.04

Kubuntu 19.04

kubuntu 19.04

Ubuntu 19.04 includes Plasma desktop 5.15, 18.12.3 KDE applications and the KDE Frameworks 5.

The latest version of the popular KDE software, such as Latte Dock, web browser Falkon and kio-Gdrive convenient library that allows desktop applications to access files stored on your Google Drive.

You can download Kubuntu 19.04 in the form of 64-bit .iso from the link below.

Download Kubuntu 19.04

Xubuntu 19.04

Keeping pace with the times, this time the developers chose not to release a 32-bit version, and Xubuntu 19.04 is now exclusively 64-bit.

Xubuntu 19.04 positioned as a Linux distribution, which is not often introduces major changes, so most of what is offered here is the repetition of the features of the previous version.

However, there are a few noticeable changes:

  • New shortcuts
  • 4 new default application (AptURL, GIMP, LibreOffice Impress + Draw)
  • GTK3 version of the file Manager and search for apps
  • Update Catfish, Mugshot, etc.

Download Xubuntu 19.04

Ubuntu Studio 19.04

According to the official release notes, the 25th version of Ubuntu Studio can please a large number of possibilities.

The Ubuntu installer Studio allows you to add additional applications and tools in the distro and install the packages for Ubuntu Studio on top of another Ubuntu variant.

Topic “Materia” GTK now comes as standard and is complemented by a rather cute set of icons “Papryus”.

Among the various application updates – a new version of Ubuntu Studio Controls, now version 1.7. The app has some improvements in the GUI is now the recommended way of starting Jack on Ubuntu Studio.

Download Ubuntu Studio 19.04

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