Ubuntu has published a support plan for Raspberry Pi 4

The October release of Ubuntu 19.10 was marked by the appearance of the official version of OS for the majority of the members of the series Raspberry Pi, including 32-bit builds for Raspberry Pi 2, 3 and 4, and 64-bit build for Raspberry Pi 4.

But Canonical didn’t stop there.

The appearance of support for the Raspberry Pi Ubuntu 18.04 LTS planned for the near future. Most likely, it will be part of the next release along with the release of the Linux kernel 5.3.

Currently Ubuntu supports Raspberry Pi 19.10 4 with RAM as 1 GB, and 2 GB. Error (which they promise to fix) reduces the performance of Ubuntu on the model with 4GB of RAM, which disables the USB ports!

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS will also support the above model.

Support For Ubuntu Raspberry Pi 4

Support for Ubuntu on the Raspberry Pi is not correlated with tricked-out desktop versions with which most of us are familiar. This means that Ubuntu is NOT positioning its desktop OS as a viable working environment with which to experiment freely.

“Canonical is committed to offer full official support for all family card Raspberry Pi.” Galem Cayo, Canonical

Instead, support for Ubuntu on the Raspberry Pi for the system without the GUI of Ubuntu(or Ubuntu Sever. In the near future it is planned to support simplified optimized kernel Ubuntu.

In addition, it is not a common “vanilla” image. ISO images of Ubuntu, created for these boards based on ARM, are specific, that is they pack additional packages and pre-configures them, which improves the quality of hardware support.

Also available additional PPA to support Ubuntu on the boards of Raspberry Pi 2.

Of course, nothing prevents you to install another desktop environment on top of Ubuntu Server. In this case, Canonical recommends that you use one of the meta-packages xubuntu-, lubuntu and kubuntu- .

“Dedicated to empowering innovators”

“Raspberry Pi has established itself as the most accessible platform for innovators in the same space. Canonical dedicates itself to empowering innovators with software open source,” says Galem Cayo from Canonical.

“Therefore, Canonical is committed to provide full legal support for all members of the family the Raspberry Pi. That’s why it will support Ubuntu Server and Ubuntu Core for all boards Pi.”

The combination of environment, Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi 4, currently the most powerful representative of the series, is the secret of success, an ideal combination that will allow developers and all those involved with free software, make delicious “Goodies”.

Source: omgubuntu.ru

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