Tropico 5: build the “tropical Paradise” in a single game

Tropico 5 is a city – building simulator, economic strategy from Bulgarian developer Haemimont Games. The game is “released” on may 23, 2014 for operating systems Windows, MacOS and Linux, as well as for game consoles Xbox 360. In the first quarter of next year there will be a version of the game for the Play Station. The official distributor of the project in Russia is the company “Buka”.

In Tropico you will need to develop industry and agriculture, as well as resort industry. In this case it will be necessary still to manage to please all the social groups living on the island, not to run into the discontent of the people, or God forbid, a revolution. And, of course, “El Presidente” need to budget pocket money, sitting in his quiet, luxurious office.

World game “Tropico 5”

The world of “Tropico 5” is a collective image of the countries – former colonies that have never had no special achievements, no industry, no conscious elite. Contrary to historical logic, in this game you will have to fix all the shortcomings of the development of the island.

The colonial era in Tropico 5 is characterized by a limited presidential term and the prohibition of the construction of more modern structures. Instead of cars on the roads run Rickshaws. In addition, periodically, you will visit Lord Oxford and to require that the mad Queen’s orders. Prompt the player could build a successful colony, although it is contrary to historical truth.

After the acquisition of the island of independence, the dictator can already build the industry, to organize social services and shoot all the discontented. The era of the World wars is characterized by the presence of the two powers – the Axis and allies. During the cold war the global arena out of the USSR and the USA, and the game opens up some more possibilities. Therefore the player feel as if he buys the DLC. In “our time” in the game there was a similar situation, but the number of players grows to 5: the US, Russia, China, the European Union and the League of Arab States.

Disadvantages Of Tropico 5

The basic idea of the game with the passage of time is proving to be merely a cover. In Tropico there is no normal technological development: instead, the developers gradually open up opportunities for us, which previously hung a sign “forbidden”.

Many innovations have been made in vain: this applies, for example, replacement of the scale of salaries-payments 5 point scale “budget”, reducing the number of parameters in the profile of Tropicana to two (well-being and level of satisfaction), reducing the number of buildings.

The game has become completely unpredictable. For example, before the arrest of the leader of Communists has led to a social revolt, and the decrease in the price of movie tickets has led to growth indicator of happiness. Now, it is possible that you equip residential areas, hospitals, police stations, and the level of satisfaction increases to 49%, and a popularity score of just 8%. How to explain such a fact is unknown – perhaps the faction you angry and, possibly, the population does not perceive the Constitution that introduced the “President”.

And yet, in Tropico 5 has many advantages – it is Latin rhythms, wild nature, the life of the dictator, who can afford all that pleases the soul, as well as the unusual abundance of humor.

The game is available for installation via the service digital distribution of games Steam. We wish you a pleasant stay in Tropico 5!


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