trayer — Autonomous X Window System (X11) / GTK (libxmu) system tray (notification area) for UNIX-like operating systems. Originally developed for use in the desktop environment FVWM-Crystal, but is suitable for use in most modern work environments and window managers (FVWM, OpenBox, Fluxbox , etc) which did not have this feature.

FVWM-Crystal — lightweight and fast graphical desktop environment based on the window Manager FVWM. The work environment is based on the “System tray“, as a file is used by ROX-Filer, almost all the menu and application Windows are translucent. The basic settings are made of graphic tools, but more fine tuning of the desktop environment is done using Python scripts.

trayer code based on FbPanel (easy to set up classic task bar), in connection with the lack of activity at the beginning of the 2010 year came out with a modification trayer-srg, which has been added some unusual features and cleaned code. System tray consumes a minimum of resources, the parameters are set from the command line.

License: MLT (The MIT License)

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