Top 5 Apps For Managing Tasks In Elementary Os

1. Go For It!

Stylish to-do list with built-in performance timer

Go For It! is a simple and stylish productivity app that contains a to-do list combined with a timer that lets you focus on the task at hand.

To-do lists are stored in the format Todo.txt. This makes it easier to sync with mobile devices and allows you to edit tasks using other app pages.

If you are already using Todo.txt Get ready for that Go For It! automatically archives completed tasks to a ready-made list!

Download: Go For It!

2. Planner

Never worry about forgetting anything again

🚀 ️ Planner 2 is…

  • 🚀 ️ Complete redesign of the user interface.
  • 🏅 ️ New icon.
  • Перетащите Drag and Order: Sort tasks wherever you want.
  • 💯 ️ Progress bar for each project.
  • Be more productive and organize your tasks into “Sections”.
  • Visualize your events and plan your day better.
  • Появилась A “Magic button” has appeared: Drag and drop and create your tasks wherever you want.
  • напом Improved the reminder system, now you can create one or more reminders at your own discretion.
  • 🌙 ️ Improved integration with the dark theme.
  • 🎉 ️ and much more.

Everyone needs a task manager, and Planner adapts to any needs

How Planner works:

  • Collect your ideas-Inbox is the default task list in the Scheduler. When you add a task, it goes directly to your Inbox, unless you specify that the task goes to the project.
  • Be organized – Create a project for each of your goals, then add steps to achieve them. Review them regularly to stay up to date.
  • Calendar and Events-View events in your calendar and plan your time efficiently. The planner will remind you of the right day.
  • Be even more organized – add a deadline to your tasks, create shortcuts, and use checklists.
  • ☁ ️ Todoist Support:

    • Sync your projects, tasks, and sections with Todoist.
    • Todoist Offline Support: Work without an internet connection, and when everything is reconnected, everything will be synced.

    * The scheduler is not created, linked, or supported by Doist.

    💎 ️ Other functions:

    • ⏲ ️ Reminders notifications
    • 🔍 ️ Quick Search
    • 🌙 ️ Night Mode

    Download: Planner

    3. Tasks

    Simple task management app

    Perfect for managing everyday tasks, a simple and objective glider. Minimalistic interface, only the name and description of the task. It has never been easier to manage simple tasks, as well as keep a history of tasks.

    Download: Tasks

    4. Yishu

    Individual and simple customer Todo.txt

    Write a to-do list that will be easily synced with your most famous clients Todo.txt. Main advantages:

    • Exit at any time using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Q
    • Easily shared with other clients Todo.txt on all platforms.
    • The search history can be saved, for a single query. No more need.

    Download: Yishu

    5. Agenda

    Do your best

    The only paid app in our collection.

    A task manager that helps you keep track of the most important tasks.

    Sometimes you just need a task list to keep you motivated. Agenda provides the ability to record your tasks and mark them as you complete them. The list is saved automatically, so you can close it without fear of losing data.

    Key Features:

    • Saving the task list automatically
    • You can view completed tasks until you decide to delete them.
    • Autofill for previously added tasks
    • Cancel/Repeat with Ctrl-Z and Ctrl-Y
    • Exit using the Esc key

    Buy: Agenda

    In conclusion

    Do you use other good task management apps on Linux and Elementary OS? Please share in the comments.


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