tldr-python-client (

tldr-python-client ( is a command — line Python client for simplified service manual page tldr pages (command line client for tldr).

tldr pages — develop community simplified manual pages (man pages simplified). The authors of the project decided to bring in the console concise documentation contains only basic information. The collection of simplified manual pages presents the team with a brief description of their purpose and examples of the most frequent use of the requested utilities/commands.

The project tldr pages is an alternative to the man, info and –help (-h), exempting only the quick guide with the most useful information, a kind of set of tips or cheat sheets, which is not a full replacement of the official documentation to applications. To gain access to the pages of tldr , you need a client, there are many customers from the community written in all popular languages, one of these customers is tldr-python-client. provides the minimum required set of options, with the first launch of the client library is loaded to the reference pages for local use (the local storage directory: ~/.cache/tldr), update the library manually. You can customize the behavior and output of a client setting environment variables, for example in the file ~/.bashrc ask:

export TLDR_COLOR_NAME="cyan"
export TLDR_COLOR_EXAMPLE="green"
export TLDR_LANGUAGE="en"

The client downloads the archive library of reference pages and retrieves them in a local cache, depending on the set parameters (TLDR_CACHE_ENABLED=1) , the client first tries to load data from the cache and loads the data from the service only with an absent or outdated cache. The customer can immediately download the requested data from the service and to keep in a cache for re-viewing, you can set the aging time of cache and a preferred language.

tldr-python-client has the minimal required set of options, bringing the standard description of the utility and compact list of the most frequently used commands. If you encounter problems with the client you must first delete the cache files, you can use your own source tldr pages, instead of a source of “default“. The client is documented in detail (in English), conflicts with the majority of other clients and may not be used together.

License: MLT (The MIT License)

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