tldr-go-client — console Go (Golang) client for simplified service manual page tldr pages.

tldr pages — develop community simplified manual pages (man pages simplified). The authors of the project decided to bring in the console concise documentation contains only basic information. The collection of simplified manual pages presents the team with a brief description of their purpose and examples of the most frequent use of the requested utilities/commands. To gain access to the tldr pages, you need a client (client for tldr), has many clients from the community written in all popular languages, one of these customers is tldr-go-client.

tldr-go-client has a minimum of options, displays the standard description of the requested utilities/commands with a compact list of the most frequently used commands. Before use it is advisable to load (create) the local database of manual pages (~/.tldr/tldr), updated the database manually. The client may display a list of all available help pages that are available on web service and/or locally (for testing purposes), may display random page for bash and zsh supports autocomplete.

License: MLT (The MIT License)

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Author: posixru


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