Tilix 1.8.7 Released! How to install it on Ubuntu

The new version of the terminal emulator Tilix Linux is available for download.

Tilix is a terminal emulator which uses the VTE library of widgets, GTK + 3. It can display more than one terminal in the same window at the same time.

It also boasts many features not found in other terminal clients, including the standard GNOME terminal.

For example, in Tilix supports different layouts by rearranging panels using the drag-and-drop; synchronization input open between terminals in different tabs; support for custom headers. and a popular mode for Quake – drop-down terminal at the top of the screen.

Tilix 1.8.7 already released

This is the first release in 6 months. Tilix 1.8.7 comes with a number of small enhancements, including:

  • The icon of the new app
  • The ability to assign shortcuts to profiles
  • New application menu as “hamburger”
  • The option to enable status (read-only, silence and synchronizing input) in the header of the terminal

Plus a bunch of minor bug fixes, which are generally more stable and reliable application.

  • Fixed memory leak with an open side panel
  • Fixed problems with the color theme Solarized
  • Minor fixes HiDPI / scaling
  • Fixed a problem with unsafe insert when the command is too long
  • Fixed a bug where dragging the window remains visible

Install Tilix on Ubuntu

An older version of Tilix is possible to install Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and above Ubuntu application Software, but to install the latest version of Tilix, you have to go to another place.

Fortunately, do not have to, because Tilix available for installation from Flathub, the app store Flatpak.

Obviously, you need to configure and Flatpak. On the website Flathub is there a good setup guide.

How do I set Tilix in Ubuntu

Alternatively you can install Ubuntu in Tilix more old-fashioned way. My method is to download the ZIP file from the GitHub releases Tilix:

Download Tilix 1.8.7 from Github

To install Tilix in Ubuntu, run the following command in GNOME terminal (or any other terminal emulator of your choice):

cd /Downloads

sudo unzip tilix.zip -d /

sudo glib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/

These commands will extract the zip and move everything to where it should be. This command will also provide access to the application from any application running on your desktop, this means that you do not need to enter the command terminal to run it!

Tilix Tried? Be sure to tell us (and everyone else) what you think about it!

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