Tile Racer – racing games for Linux

Tile Racer is a race, once developed by students from Austria as a course project. But even releasing from the University, the creators of Tile Racer continue to maintain and update their “offspring”. “Go racing” you can “happy users” of the operating systems Windows and Linux.

The race is presented in 3D, and this fact, of course, can not but rejoice. Game physics is very realistic, so in that sense “not undermine” even seasoned players. One of the advantages of racing is that they “go” even on a weak computer. However, if at startup or process problems arise, then it is recommended to enable the Low Graphics mode.

At this point in Tile Racer is represented by only 6 runs. However, thanks to the map editor players can add their decisions. The shortcomings of programmers include the presence in the race only one car. Those who tried a more powerful game under Windows can be a little boring. However, for “inexperienced player” Title Racer will undoubtedly be a very interesting entertainment to all the free and unfree time.

The goal of the race is quite clear – you have to complete a track for minimum time. Despite the simplicity of formulation, the task is quite complex. At high speeds your car begins to skid, you will have to literally fly over various bridges, and even like the famous Nesterov, “dead loop”. So a lot of adrenaline and thrill during the game you guaranteed.

To operate the machine is very simple – this is surely enough for anyone. Need time to press the 4 arrow keys. But if you have a wheel, then the game actually turns into a full racing simulator! The camera automatically moves with the car. Of course, in a racing car there is reverse gear. During the ride back camera will be in front.

Summing up the above, we can conclude that despite its simplicity, Tile Racer is a great way to relax after a hard day or just to “kill time”.

Installing Tile Racer Ubuntu

You need to download from website archive the game installer http://tileracer.model-view.com/tl/index.php/downloads.html. Unpack it to a temporary folder, navigate to it and run the command:

sudo sh ./TileRacer0.702_Setup.sh 

Then run the game using standard Windows tools Ubuntu


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