TikZiT is a very simple C++ / QT is a vector graphics editor, editor charts and stock charts created using macrobolic TikZ/PGF.

TikZ&PGF (Graphic systems for TeX) is a tandem of languages for producing vector graphics from a geometric/algebraic description. Developed by Tantau Till (Till Tantau) , a portable graphics format, a set of libraries and utilities allowing you simply to create good quality vector graphics (charts, graphs, etc.) to be embedded in TeX (LaTeX) documents.

The native file format TikZiT (*tikz) is a subset of PGF/TikZ and its files can be printed directly on the document sets using LaTeX (set of macrodactylini, the macro package system, DTP).

Although TikZiT is quite simple to use, but when we first met, some functions may not be obvious. Supported in multi-window and single-window mode, roaming and disable toolbars.

Editor TikZiT is the tool of choice (palette of styles), tools, add a node and edges. For creating and modifying TikZ diagrams are analyzed “on the fly“, supported by multiple edges, curved edges, edges, labels of nodes and self-loops.

TikZiT has an unlimited snooze function/reset changes (Undo/Redo), supports preview (used by pdfTeX), the control is via mouse and/or keyboard combinations, there podnebna online documentation (in English).

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

Home page

Page sourceforge.net

Visualization of scientific data (for an introduction to PGF/TikZ)

Author: posixru

Source: zenway.ru

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