TIC-80 — virtual games console, a fictional computer (computer fantasy).

Virtual game console TIC-80 is made in the retro style of the 80s years and is an ideological follower of “fantasy” gaming console PICO-8, but “more powerful“. Written game console Vadim Grigoryan, the Creator of the emulator NesBOX (emulates consoles Dendy, Super Nindendo and Sega Mega Drive).

According to its characteristics, TIC-80 is very similar to the game consoles of the 80s years, the screen resolution is small (240х136), a limited colour palette (16 colors), there are only 80 KB of RAM and four audio channel.

Game console TIC-80 allows you to create and share games created by game is saved in the form of a “cartridge“, and also to play games. The virtual console has a lot of finished games (demo cartridges), you can import third-party.

Virtual computer TIC-80 provides all the necessary tools to create a “from scratch” retro mini-games, there are built-in development tools (code editors, sprites, maps and sound), program code can be written in Lua, MoonScript and JavaScript, HTML5 allows you to run games in the web browser.

Virtual game console TIC-80 supports input from two classic controllers with six buttons and four arrows each (buttons A and To the first joystick is assigned to keys z and x keyboard can be changed), the computer fully supports keyboard and mouse.

TIC-80 is under active development, but already has everything needed for those who are trying to plunge into the old days when people made games “on the knee” and got the maximum pleasure.

License: MLT (The MIT License)

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Instructions for use of TIC-80 (PDF / 7Z – 1.68 MB)

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