The Shell Overlay

The shell Overlay is the implementation of the overlay for the messenger shell. Allows you to create pop-up widgets the shell for games.


Source code: Open Source (pending)

Programming languages: Python

Libraries: Qt

License: GNU GPL

As its name suggests, this program is analogous to the in-game overlay Discord that developers discord, unfortunately, still not implemented for linux version of the client.

The program allows you to create overlays 3 types: the widget server, a chat widget and a widget voice channel. You can create as many overlays as you want, that allows you to simultaneously display information from multiple servers, a text and voice channels that can be considered a great advantage of this program over the standard overlay discord. For each of the 3 widgets there are a variety of different settings – font size, shadow, transparency, etc.
For each user-created overlay to set size and position on the screen.

Of the minuses can be noted that you cannot delete a user-created overlays – they can only either disable or make empty.
Also, a significant disadvantage is that the overlay is always displayed, i.e., if it bothers you and you want to see it only in games, you have to turn off the overlay and enable manually. Alternatively, you can remove the shell-overlay from startup and set it to teams run those games you play with friends.
The ability to quickly open a text chat on the combination of keys “shift”+”~” as the shell for windows, in the same way.

Overall this is a great program for those who waited for the appearance of function of the in-game overlay in the shell client for linux. I think a lot of linux gamers will be pleased to know that such program exists.
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  • Shell Overlay: Customize

  • Shell Overlay: adjust size and location


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