The most interesting Linux games on Kickstarter

The service Kickstarter has long been known as the platform for the launch and further development of numerous ambitious projects. Today will talk about three space Odissea about horror Comedy adventure and interesting slasher.

Nebula Online, a space MMORPG

Nebula Online is a space MMORPG, developed by the Odessa Studio Komar Games. The beginning of the development of this game was launched in 2013 and only recently the project has grown to the level of prealfa. Odessa, the developers decided not to limit your campaign on Kickstarter starting in parallel the collection of votes in Steam Greenlight.

The game is positioned as an old MMORPG with an economy based on completely free trade. Note that PvP here is allowed in each neutral zone. United among themselves, players can create powerful clans to engage in the construction of ships and stations for the extraction of resources to build defensive fortifications, to capture other planets and trade.

Overall, the project is reminiscent of EVE Online, but the races here are very different from each other. The player can play for the people, borozanov similar to lizards, or cryptside consisting of robots and genetically modified clones.

In Nebula Online will be no subscription fees, no microtransactions, no f2p – restrictions. As the saying goes, “pay and play in peace, dear friend.”

The Miskatonic: Comedy adventure

The Miskatonic is a comedic horror adventure game. After playing a short demo of this game, it can be concluded that the developers were inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft, who worked in the genres of fantasy, mystery and horror.

The main character is Charlotte Lestrange, which was invited to the University “Miskatonik”, where students are taught various occult Sciences. However, most recently, the educational process out of the rut: the students and their teachers mutate, and the corridors it is impossible to walk freely because there teeming with otherworldly creatures.

In the final version of the game will be a lot of fun dialogue, entertaining puzzles, and quirky characters.

Neptune, Have Mercy: a space Odyssey on Triton

The plot of the game Neptune, Have Mercy is this: scientists have discovered life on Triton, moon of Neptune. Corporation Vintridge sent to the planet expedition, whose task is to study the rich ocean depths. In this game you will have to explore a randomly generated world, collect biological material and scientific data, not forgetting to improve their weapons, to combat with various creatures.

Orion Trail: RPG with roguelike elements

Game Orion Trail is also devoted to the adventures of people in a distant and unknown cosmic world. Game genre RPG with elements of roguelike. To some extent the idea of the game is similar to “The Oregon Trail”. However, here the heroes are traveling through the wild West, and among the distant stars and planets. However, this does not mean that astronauts have nothing to fear from the banal dysentery!

In Orion Trail at your disposal is a space cruiser “Neurectomy-2”, conquering the hitherto unknown sector of the Galaxy. In order to diversify the game, the developers have included a selection of one of three different options.

Clicking on the project’s website, you can download a demo version of the game for Windows operating systems, Mac OS and Linux, or enjoy a space adventure right in your browser window.

Strength of the Sword Ultimate: slasher about fighting the Golem

The main hero of the game Strength of the Sword Ultimate is a combat Golem, armed with a bizarre combination of sword and gun. The game has 4 modes: “story”, “survival mode”, PvP, and “cooperative”. In story mode before the Golem’s task is to carry out a sweep of the 4 big worlds, and also to save his world from the danger threatening it. In “survival mode” will have to cope with the 40 waves of fierce opponents.

According to the developers, the biggest advantage of this game is “advanced” artificial intelligence: your enemies are so smart that you can easily analyse your tactics and cooperate their efforts against you.


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