The Long Dark

In October last year was fully funded Kickstarter project dedicated to the game “The Long Dark”, which tells of the hapless pilot whose plane crashed in the distant wilderness of the Arctic.

The game developer is a canadian company Hinterland. Created a game truly “Golden team” of programmers, who worked on Neverwinter Nights, FarCry3 and Mass Effect. Not so long ago there appeared information that the game will be released in digital distribution service Steamпо “early access”. It is likely that it will happen in September.

An early version of the game will be designed for three operating systems: Linux, OS X and Windows. As is almost always the case, early in “The Long Dark” will have a lot of bugs. The task of gamers – to help developers quickly create full-fledged version of the game. The final version will consist of several episodes, and one that will be available on early access, is a “sandbox” without a plot. The player just need to survive as long as possible.

But even in “raw form” “The Long Dark” will no doubt interest fans of post-apocalyptic landscapes and the rigors of everyday life in them. Commander Shepard in the game is voiced by mark the World, including actors Jennifer Hale and David Hayter.

On the official website of the game presented in three versions: standard (19.99 USD) Survivor’s Edition that costs 24.99 dollars and the Director’s Cut (you can buy it for 29.99 USD). The second option is the basic and additional copy of the game, as well as a collection of illustrations for it. In the most expensive configuration the customer will be given a DVD version of the game, as well as materials telling about the history of the project.

Need to be reminded that thanks to the users Kickstarterразработчики have collected for the project more than 256 canadian dollars. “Required” amount was 50 thousand less.

“The Long Dark” in any case can not be regarded as “another shooter”. Instead, it’s a thoughtful game where you need to explore the vast Northern expanses to survive as long as possible. You have to look for food and other gaming resources and to resist the hostile-minded survivors.

“The Long Dark” will definitely appeal to all fans of games like “Stalker” and “Fallout 3”.

To purchase the game in Steam (Steam installation). At the time of this writing the game under Linux have not yet been published.


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