The games worth playing in 2015

For 6 years the platform Kickstarter has funded many projects and in various fields. Scientists and engineers got the chance to introduce their ideas to life, the young musicians were so necessary at the start of the support. And, of course, Kickstarter has been used is used and will be used by the creators of games. More likely to get money from famous game developers and studios trying to give a second life popular in the past projects. Today we will tell about the games worth playing this year.

Satellite Reign

As experience shows, everything is new – is well forgotten old. Surely many readers of our blog remember Syndicate, the isometric cyberpunk real-time strategy, released in 1993. In 1996, the sequel in three dimensions — Syndicate Wars. The publisher of the game was the Studio Bullfrog, known for such hits as Theme Park, Populous, Hi-Octane, Dungeon Keeper and Theme Hospital. The point of the game is once again the world of the distant future, in which all the authorities seized syndicates who run people through implanted chips. As a tool the struggle for power syndicates use cyborgs.

Three years ago he released the first-person shooter, also called Syndicate. Despite the fact that the plot of the game remains unchanged, the old fans were still unhappy. Experts, coming from Bullfrog, founded a small Studio 5 Lives Studios and decided to make a modern sequel to Syndicate.

Due to the lack of rights to original brand new game called Satellite Reign. The new project will take the best of everything from old games and bring some innovations: this is a great play space, various classes of agents, the presence of propaganda, etc. Satellite Reign is already in early accessSteam Early Access.


The Game Armikrog. is the successor of the Neverhood. The project has already collected 975 thousand dollars instead of the required 900 thousand. The developers of the game are the same people that were involved in the project Neverhood. The new project will be the same game mechanics and clay animation. The main characters of the game – astronaut named Dominant and his dog BIC-BIC. The spacecraft astronauts crashes on a completely unknown planet, and two friends – human and animal, need to find a way out of the fortress Armikrog.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a game from Czech developer Warhorse Studios. The founders of this Studio is famous because he participated in the creation of such masterpieces as the Mafia, Mafia II and Operation Flashpoint. Now a friendly team of designers and programmers created a RPG first-person Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The game takes place in Medieval Europe in the 15th century. The developers have tried to make the gameplay historically plausible, correct: the combat system uses all the techniques that were typical for that time.


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