The game Train Fever is a modern Trasport Tycoon

In early September, the digital distribution service Steam has a new economic simulator Train Fever from the Swiss developer of Urban Games. The game was created based on the famous Transport Tycoon, released in 1994, has similarities with Railroad Tycoon and Cities in Motion. September 4, Train Fever was made available for users of the Windows operating system, and a week later after going out to enjoy the economic strategy could and users of Linux and Mac OS. The interface and subtitles in the game is completely in Russian. Game developers offer no less than 20 hours of great enjoyment for a computer.

Experts called Train Fever modern version of Transport Tycoon with a more advanced system of generating game content. The basis of the gameplay is the same as in the 1994 game: you will become a founder of the transport company. Over a long period of time, ranging from 1850 to 2000, your firm will turn from an unknown company into a true “monster” of the transportation market, virtually a monopoly. However, it will have to work hard: to develop the existing infrastructure and build new, buy a vehicle, to control the system of railroads.

Another distinctive feature of Train Fever is that its creation was not used for third party engines – the staff of the Urban Games has written his own. Train Fever is a beautiful three-dimensional world with the ability to change the surrounding landscape, a large fleet of vehicles with the “highbrow” level simulation of behavior of passengers.

The story of the birth of Train Fever is very instructive. The creators of the game decided to raise money for their “child” is not on the well-known Kickstarter, and Gambitious, the service, not limiting the campaign to one month. However, for 4 months were collected only 7% of the amount requested, and the campaign decided to move on Steam Greenlight. Here Urban Games went much better: in February of last year, Train Fever had the highest rating among all games ever presented on this service.

To purchase the game on Steam at a price of not more than 600 p. but you can use the discount to save. How to download and install Steam client in Ubuntu we wrote in our previous article (read article).


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