The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Certainly, many visitors of our site read the Bible and know the story of Isaac, the subject God: God asked Isaac to sacrifice his son Jacob. But before the murder did not come: God stopped Isaac, who had already swung the knife at James. In the game “The Binding of Isaac” everyone a little bit differently: God has not Isaac and his mom, and Isaac himself hiding from death in the basement.

The plot of the game The Binding of Isaac

As usual in these games, the basement is teeming with various monsters and other enemies. Dungeon Isaac will meet his lost brothers and sisters as well as Pets. Will not be able to avoid them and with his mom. Being in the basement, Isaac is constantly crying, but his tears are a formidable weapon for the enemy, and almost the only chance for salvation.

In the gameplay of the game “The Binding of Isaac” experienced players will find many similarities to the game series “Legend of Zelda” and also with the roguelike genre. In fact, “Sacrifice” is a two — dimensional Action/RPG, where you have to manage by Isaac and other characters, the possibility of release which will be available during the game.

At each level you will have to visit all the rooms full of traps and tricky secrets. And, of course, have to fight the boss and defeat him, otherwise you just won’t pass to another level. Passing game, collect bonuses – they will be needed to enhance the characteristics of Isaac, and for small, cosmetic changes. It should be noted that in “The Binding of Isaac” is no respawn of items and enemies. Each new run of the game automatically creates a completely unique set of rooms, items, bosses.

The development of the game

The developers of the game “the binding of Isaac” is Edmund McMillan and Florian Himsl. “The Binding of Isaac” appeared in the digital distribution service “Steam” on 28 September 2011 and was supported by only two operating systems – Windows, and Mac. In 2012, the developers released an expansion set, “Wrath of The Lamb”.

4 November announced a remake, “The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth”. The new version will be 16 bit graphics, new enemies and items, co-op for two people, and most importantly – support for game consoles and the Linux operating system. The game is available for purchase in Steam (how to install Steam).


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