The art command line (the Classic command-line)

The Art of Command Line (command line Art) — article-guide about the basics of the command line GNU/Linuxwritten by Joshua Levi (Joshua Levy), in collaboration with users of GitHub (hosting of IT projects). The article has been translated into many languages, including on Russian.

The translator (Michael Astapchik):

Feature guide “the Art of the command line” is that on the one hand it is a comprehensive set of tips for the command line in GNU/Linux. On the other hand this guide is quite compact and a one-page command with command-line tools are described very briefly and concisely. Describes or General meaning of a command or provides a practical example that enables to understand the essence. Then you can use external sources to gain a deeper understanding of desired program, for example, in the documentation or on other sites devoted to GNU/Linux.

In some ways,”the Art of the command lineJoshua Levi is such a panorama that depicts a complete picture of the techniques and capabilities of the command-line shell BASH. That is why your translation I call “Classic command line“and not translated the name literally.

It is not a literal translation of the guide “the Art of the command lineJoshua levy. Some places I translated on the basis of the overall meaning of a sentence. A literal translation into Russian language is already available on the manual page on GitHub , along with translations into other languages. Moreover, the leadership itself will still be improved and supplemented. I’ll leave the translation for July 2015 , because he is quite self-sufficient.

Original works and translations into Russian language are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Author: posixru


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