Terraria: the history of the game

Terraria is an indie game, adventure, sandbox developed by “Re-Logic”. In this game you can explore the world, work to create objects and structures, and fight with randomly generated enemies. The music component of the game is developed Studio “Resonance array”.

The development of “Terrarium” programmers “Re-Logic” began in January 2011, using a set of tools Microsoft XNA. Version games for Windows operating system appeared on 16 may 2011. Only for this day has sold 50 thousand copies of the game, and the number of online players has reached 17 thousand. During the first week of being on Steam has been sold 200 thousand copies of the game – thanks to this “Terraria” has overtaken the famous “Portal 2” and “the Witcher 2”. In January last year, it has sold 2 million copies of “Terrarium”.

In March 2013, a version of the game for gaming consoles Xbox and PlayStation. In Europe and Australian release for consoles took place on 15 may last year. In August 2013, a version of the game for iOS devices. The developer of this version is a company from Netherlands, “Codeglue”.

Recently on the official website posted information that the game will be ported to OSX and Linux. In confirmation of this information the developers have provided screenshots of the “Terrarium” on the background of the desktop these “OSes”.

But that’s not all the “pleasures” of the developer. If you’ve played a “Terrarium” on Windows, you will now be able to transfer created worlds and characters in Linux and OSX. In addition, users of different operating systems can fight on the same server will result in a cross-platform gameplay.

If you previously bought the Windows version of the game, the version for Linux and Mac OS will get you absolutely free. It’s really very convenient: at home you can play on desktop, on duty on a laptop with Linux in the classroom – on a modern laptop from Apple.

To purchase the game in the service of electronic distribution of games — Steam.


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