Terraria is a 2D analogue of Minecraft

Terraria is a 2D game in the spirit of the famous Minecraft and Metroid. Gameplay Terraria starts in a randomly generated world.

Items and resources in Terraria

At the initial stage the player receives three tools: an axe that can chop wood, a sword with which to fight and a pickaxe for mining. Other items and resources need to search or get in a fight. Many of these items are hidden in chests or drop after killing powerful bosses.

Resources and objects can be used to produce new items. For example, at the work bench you can make torches and smelt ore to ingots. The created object can be used in the recipe for other things.

The enemies in the “Terrarium”

In “Terrarium” players will have to face different types of opponents, but the most common among them are zombies and slugs. The appearance of enemies depends on many parameters: the time and place of the action, random events or interactions between the players themselves. In the course of the game you can summon powerful bosses, wielding a powerful combat mechanics. Killing bosses is useful in the sense that it brings are quite rare and items. All game cards divided into a plurality of zones with special items and enemies in each zone. During the passage of the “Terrarium” you will open uncharted territory with powerful trophies. The more powerful the trophies required in order to defeat more dangerous enemies.

Having reached certain results in the game, you will be able to attract as their allies and non-player characters (“NPCs”) is, for example, wizards, nurses, and merchants. Each character lives in his own room, and that room you need to build. The “NIPs” you can buy a variety of services and pay for it with coins.

In the bowels of the earth is the mightiest of bosses, “Wall of flesh”. After defeating the “Wall” opens “Hardmode” or difficult mode. In “hard mode” will be new bosses, new items and NPCs.


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