Recently, two independent one from another game developer, Wadjet Eye Games and Technocrat, introduced Technobabylon – adventure game in retro style.

The game takes place in the distant year 2087, when on Earth has arrived the future in the style of “cyberpunk”. Products created by the hands of genetic engineers, have long replaced the natural products of orchards and gardens, and instead of religion, people discovered the TRANS – a sort of “electronic opium”. Moreover, the TRANS almost “wiped out” of normal human communication between people. The main force in the cities was the computer intelligence that, like in the movie “the Matrix”, watching all and for each one individually. Subject to police artificial intelligence and fulfills all his orders.

The protagonists of Technobabylon were three people decide not to obey the system and to see its “inventor”. Each of the trio – a unique people with its own history and problems.

One of the three is Dr. Charlie Regins, geneticist and secret police agent in combination. Charlie is suffering from the consequences of his wife’s death, despite the fact that his wife died 2 decades ago. At heart a scientist at the same time fighting his own lies and the ghosts of the past. How far will Charlie probably doesn’t know himself.

The second of the trio – a woman named Lata til. Lata unemployed, suffers from agoraphobia and therefore sits at home and is addicted to Trance. Once becoming a target for murder, Lata is forced to plunge in such a terrible for her real world.

And finally, the third main character – Max Lao, acting officer, well versed in the technique. Due to the vagaries of fate, Max is forced to make a difficult choice – to arrest his best friend, or go for misconduct.

This spring, Technobabylon will debut on the Windows platform, and a little later there will be versions for Linux and Mac OS. More:


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