tealdeer console Rust client for simplified service manual page tldr pages.

tldr pages — develop community simplified manual pages (man pages simplified). The authors of the project decided to bring in the console concise documentation contains only basic information. The collection of simplified manual pages presents the team with a brief description of their purpose and examples of the most frequent use of the requested utilities/commands.

The project tldr pages is an alternative to the man, info and –help (-h), displaying a short help with the most useful information, a set of hints/cheat sheets, which is not a full replacement for the official documentation to applications. To access the pages of tldr , you need a client (client for tldr), has many clients from the community (written in all popular languages), one of these clients is tealdeer.

tealdeer is one of the most efficient implementations of the client for tldr pages, customer feature is the ease of use, fast loading and caching of pages, with the most rapid data output. Network connection to the client is only required when downloading an updated library of reference pages (~/.config/tealdeer/tldr). The command-line interface similar and/or equivalent to most existing customers, some settings can be set in the configuration file (~/.config/tealdeer/config.toml).

License: MLT (The MIT License) / Apache License Version 2.0

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Author: posixru

Source: zenway.ru

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