tarsnap — the official command line client for online backup service Tarsnap.

Tarsnap — the most secure online backup service for UNIX-like operating systems (GNU Linux, BSD, Solaris, macOS, Cygwin, Minix, etc). Work on the project began September 2006 rod, the author of mathematics Dr. Colin Percival (Colin Percival) decided that he needed an online backup service which provides more security than online services available at the time.

After a little more than two years of development and limited testing Tarsnap in the November 2008 year was officially released for beta testing ended in September 2009 year. The project is carefully tested, the process involved security professionals and hackers trying to find vulnerabilities of a web service. Some potentially dangerous vulnerability has been found and eliminated by the beginning of 2011 year, and by the end of the year, there was a commercial company Tarsnap Backup Inc (British Columbia, Canada).

Tarsnap is positioned as an online backup service exclusively for the “truly paranoid“. Backup is based on the possibility of a free library libarchive (library multiformat archiving), for data encryption uses a cryptographic algorithm Scrypt, originally developed for use to use the web service’s author.

Scrypt applies adaptive cryptographic technologies of formation of the encryption key based on the password generated using pseudo-random functions are generated by secret keys (one or more) are used to generate a cryptographic signature verifying the right user (administrator). Also, the cryptographic signature may be used for other purposes, for example to create a smart contact.

Console client Tarsnap is a very flexible tool, provided with several supporting utilities (tarsnap-keygen tarsnap-keymgmt, tarsnap-keyregen and tarsnap-recrypt), settings are made using configuration file (supplied with the client: /etc/tarsnap/tarsnap.conf and user: ~/.tarsnaprc). The client can be used as a standalone application, or through scripts (ACTS, snapbak2, tarsnap-backup, tarsnapper , etc).

Tarsnap is built on the infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (commercial public online service), the client downloads the encrypted data on the cloud storage service Amazon S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service), the encryption keys remain on a user’s computer and are not transferred to server Amazon. Despite its flexibility, the client does not allow you to use your own servers to store backups.

Tarsnap commercial web service that uses the advance payment based on actual use, on the size of the stored or transmitted compressed and encrypted data. There is no fixed or minimum payments (paid that is used).

License: FREE (Proprietary / Tarsnap Backup Inc)

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