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Trsnap GUI — convenient C++ / QT (5 Qt Framework) graphical interface (GUI) for console client secure online backup service Tarsnap (secure online backup service).

Tarsnap — the most secure online backup service for UNIX-like operating systems (GNU Linux, BSD, Solaris, macOS, Cygwin, Minix, etc). Work on the project began September 2006 rod, the author of mathematics Dr. Colin Percival (Colin Percival) decided that he needed an online backup service which provides more security than online services available at the time.

Online service Tarsnap is positioned as a backup service for the “truly paranoid“. Backup is based on the possibility of a free library libarchive (library multiformat archiving), for data encryption uses a cryptographic algorithm Scrypt, originally developed for use to use the web service’s author.

Tarsnap is built on the infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (commercial public online service), the client downloads the encrypted data on the cloud storage service Amazon S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service), the encryption keys remain on a user’s computer and are not transferred to server Amazon.

Client Tarsnap is a very flexible tool that comes with several supporting tools, it can be used as a standalone application, via a script (ACTS, snapbak2, tarsnap-backup, tarsnapper , etc.) and using a GUI Tarsnap GUI.

User interface Trsnap GUI is very simple and provides a convenient way to specify the backup options (files and directories) and organize the desired mode of sending data to a web server using the official console of the client, so there is no possibility of using its own servers to store backups.

Two important features of Tarsnap GUI is a step-by-step “configuration Wizard“allowing you to quickly start using and client mode support parallel execution job queue. The settings are saved in the configuration file (~/.config/Tarsnap Backup Inc./Tarsnap.conf) conflicts with the settings of the console client are missing (can be shared).

Functionality Tarsnap GUI distributed across the tabs, the first tab allows you to quickly add files and directories to be backed up. The second tab displays archives created using the current key and uploaded to the web service from the tab you can restore the data and delete the backup.

The third tab Tarsnap GUI contains the scheduled “Jobs“, a list of files and directories is intended for archiving and sending to the web server. Backups can be performed manually or on a schedule. Automatic backups can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly period. The fourth tab opens the settings the fifth tab contains a short documentation.

Tarsnap GUI allows you to perform multiple backup operations, restore or delete. The parallel execution of operations is completely safe, as the job can be performed alternately, which is necessary when performing mutually exclusive tasks. Jobs can run in the background after closing the GUI, the control is via mouse and/or keyboard combinations.

License: BSD-2-Clause “Simplified” License

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