Systemd Manager

Systemd Manager — graphic Rust / GTK application to configure services in SystemD (System and Service Manager).

SystemD — subsystem initialization and service management GNU Linux systems in 2000-e years, actually superseded the traditional subsystems are init (initialization / initiation). The main feature is intensive parallel services start during the boot process of the system, resulting in much faster startup of the operating system.

The user interface of Systemd Manager made in accordance with the concept of minimalism, controls are placed on the window title bar. In the left part of the window is a list sorted by categories SystemD modules (units / unit).

In the right part of the window Manager Systemd about the selected unit (module) displays information distributed through the tabs (files, history, and dependencies). The title of the window displays the status of the unit, it can also disable/enable (disable/enable) and start/stop (disable/enable).

Systemd Manager can display statistics of SystemD, the functionality of the application based on the capabilities of the systemctl (basic command for monitoring and control of systemd)to operate the application requires administrator privileges (root), management is focused on the use of the mouse.

License: MLT (The MIT License)

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