Syslog-NG (Syslog Next Generation)

Syslog-NG (Syslog Next Generation) — set of tools for centralized collection and storage of log files.

Advanced set logging Syslog-NG is an alternative to an outdated set of tools syslog, made more comfortable and easy to adjust, supporting a wide range of input methods and output.

Syslog-NG is targeted at those who need to collect logs from various network equipment. Included utilities: syslog-ng, syslog-ng-ctl, syslog-ng-debun, dqtool, loggen, pdbtool, persist-tool, slogimport, slogkey, slogverify and update-patterndb.

Running in the background server Syslog-NG is designed to collect messages of system events broadcast active network devices. Taking incoming log messages from defined sources and forwards the data to the destination.

General settings tools Syslog-NG is editing the configuration file (/etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf), for each device your file storage logs are created every day new log files, old files are archived (in a specified format).

Syslog-NG collects the data based on powerful filters, the data is saved as a standard system log, or unstructured text databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL. SQLite3 , etc.). Not to clog the system with unnecessary information, delete old logs or to produce their rotation (for example, using the demon-scheduler CRON).

Syslog-NG to more easily collect the log files, view and analyze the collected results provides the web user interface (WebUI). As the functionality of the kit is very extensive, before use should be familiar with the extensive documentation.

License: GPL2 / LGPL2.1

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Author: posixru


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