Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D is a free program for simulation of interior design. The program allows you to create a floor plan, apartments, rooms, place furniture, doors, Windows, radiators, blinds and much more.


  • Adding wall: straight, rounded, sloping.
  • Adding Windows and doors.
  • The addition of furniture.
  • Change the color of objects that support textures. The change in thickness.
  • The creation of the interior in 2D. View the interior in 3D.
  • Add plan text labels, dimensions, arrows.
  • Setting lighting.
  • Import drawings of the premises and use them as underlays for drawing the plan.
  • Export to various formats.
  • Support for plug-ins.
  • Support for importing additional three-dimensional objects in a variety of formats.
  • On the Internet you can download additional catalogs of objects.


Programming language: Java

Source code: Open Source

License: GPLv2

Requires: Java Virtual Machine (see Java Installation in Ubuntu).

InstallationInstallation in Ubuntu (LinuxMint)

sudo apt install sweethome3d

release..6.315 APR 2020пресс release
Website:Sweet Home 3D
Download:Download Sweet Home 3DLog in to commentI like Likes: +1войдите to put Lycopersicon: 26.04.2009

Screenshots of the program

  • Room design Sweet Home 3D

Source: pingvinus.ru

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