SuperTux 2 analogue Super Mario

Super Tux 2 is a classic 2D platformer (a game in the style of run and jump) is similar to the game Super Mario. Despite its 2D nature, written using the OpenGL libraries. The game runs both in Linux and in Windows.

As the name implies the game is Mario you play as a penguin and Tux’. If you played Mario there is nothing new in this game, you do not have, in addition to snow landscape, snow monsters and slippery platforms.

SuperTux 2

However, the game will take a lot of pleasure to both you and your children, simple gameplay, nice graphics and music. Like in Mario you can hit hostile units jumping on their head, or taking a flower to throw agennie balls. And of course you will have a lot to jump on different ledges to collect coins and try not to fall in the abyss occurring more often than higher level.

SuperTux 2 Jumps

To install the game on Ubuntu through the software Center or by entering in a terminal window:

sudo apt-get install supertux

For users of the Windows operating system you must download the installation file from the official website of the game:


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