Steam Early Access — Strategy games for Linux

We continue to describe interesting games for Linux operating system that appear in the digital distribution service Steam. Today let’s talk about the management strategy Prison Architect and Board game Armello.

Prison Architect

Prison Architect (in English the “prison architect”) – a management strategy from British Studio Introversion Software. Here the player gets control over the entire prison. Need to control not only prisoners, but also security guards, watching over the observance of legality in correctional institution. Also it is time to follow the prison farm, in a timely manner to Finance the construction of new cameras, etc.

Not long ago, the creators of the game introduced another update to it. Now the player has the opportunity to build a law office that will give the opportunity to break the law in prison. So, prisoners can be put indefinitely in solitary confinement and keep them in very small rooms, with an area of less than 2 to 3 meters. In addition, the presence of a private lawyer will allow your institution to lawfully make suicide and even arrange a “demonstration executions” in the electric chair.

In the new version of the game, a room specially for those who are just “transported”. Here visiting the newcomers and give them prison uniforms. Of course, for maintenance of premises will need more staff, but it will increase the safety of your employees.


Fable legends is a fantasy card strategy-adventure game, a bit like Game of Thrones (but with animals). In spirit of “Armello” is much closer to Board games with different elements, relying on the card gameplay. The player must choose one of the clans, to plan, to fight the monsters, and all in order to eventually become king or Queen.

Recent (have the second) update added to the game 11 cards, thereby complicating the gameplay and making the passage of the jobs more interesting.


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